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A wide variety of products to suit your needs 

Cageboards & Poly Pads

Shepherd Specialty Papers offers a wide variety of treated and untreated cage liners. All are custom cut to your specification and require a four week lead time for ordering. For additional information, visit

Light brown in color and available in a wide range of sizes, Techboard is custom cut to your specifications. Techboard is highly absorbent. The top layer is waffled which lessens liquid runoff and movement of fecal material. The sheets are semi rigid for easier handling. Techboard is also economical. It lasts up to 50% longer than most other cage papers. And, unlike loose bedding, cageboard does not contribute to airborne dust.

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DACB (deotized animal cage board)
DACB is Techboard treated with neomycin to retard the formation of unpleasant odors. Like Techboard, DACB is highly absorbent.

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Techsorb is a super absorbent cageboard. It soaks up wetness like a sponge. Techsorb and DEOSORB have special wicking action. Moisture spreads evenly throughout the sheet, instead of puddling and running off. They are both made from virgin pulp. Techsorb's bright white surface makes monitoring animals easy, and it is absorbent enough to use under rabbits and guinea pigs.

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DEOSORB is Techsorb treated with neomycin to retard odors.

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Poly Pads
Poly pads are versatile liners of multi-ply cellulose wadding with a sturdy polyethylene backing for zero leakage. They are ideal for cage liners, necropsy liners and recovery areas. Poly pads can easily soak up heavy discharge making them popular for use with rabbits and guinea pigs. Poly Pads come in sheets or rolls. Thicknesses of 7 ply and 12 ply are standard, other plies available. Made from 100% virgin fibers, they effectively eliminate dust.

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Dura Pads
A combination of multi-ply cellulose wadding and molded indented paper. This creates a pad with superior absorbency and less bulk. The bottom layer consists of high strength polyethylene film for zero leakage. Ideal for cage liners, necropsy liners and post surgical pads.

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Go to our Bedding Chart to quickly identify bedding products that are certified, irradiated, and available in autoclavable bags.