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Purina LabDiet®

PharmaServ stocks over 100 LabDiet® products for all laboratory animal species. Many diets are also available autoclavable, irradiated, and certified. We receive shipments from Purina every 5-6 days, so special orders can be fulfilled quickly. For detailed information about any of the diets listed below, please visit the

Standard Diets
Purina Mills (PMI®) manufactures standard diets for rodents, guinea pigs, rabbits, canines, felines, swine and other species. Since 1917, Purina's LabDiet® formulas have set the industry standard for nutrition in animal diet research and development. Diets are manufactured using "Constant Nutrition" formulation to guarantee maintenance of baseline data, and to eliminate nutritionally induced variables. Constant nutrition means assaying ingredients daily and making necessary formulation refinements to assure a constant level of nutrient delivery (amino acids, lipids, fiber, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates). The actual set of ingredients used in the diets does not change.

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Advanced Protocol Diets
Advanced Protocol is a new line of diet options for new directions in research. Some examples are low residue canine diets, irradiated enrichment treats, and protocols in which estrogen activity needs to be monitored. LabDiet® also manufactures Advanced Protocol diets for callitrichids, frogs and insectivores.

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Irradiated Diets
PMI PicoLab Diets are irradiated prior to shipment to provide virtually bacteria-free diets containing less than 50 micro organisms per gram. PicoLab Diets are packaged in paper bags with pop out inner pouches. The pop-out inner bag allows you to dip or spray disinfect the package before taking it into animal rooms. Irradiation saves time, handling, and the cost and uncertainty of autoclaving. Irradiated diets are also much more palatable than autoclaved diets and result in less waste. Available in 25 lb. bags or cases of (6) 5 lb. vacuum packs.

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Certified Diets
Certified diets meet the requirements of the FDA's GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) program. Certified diets are assayed prior to shipment, and each bag is certified not to exceed maximum concentrations of key contaminants (heavy metals, alfatoxins, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophosphates and specified nutrients). Certificates are available on line at for every certified lot, indicating the actual contaminant concentrations for that lot. PharmaServ stocks certified diets for rodents, canines, guinea pigs, primates and rabbits. Other certified diets are available special order. In addition, any diet can be profiled prior to shipping for an extra fee.

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