Pet Food From Raw Meat May Not Be Good For Your Dog Or Your Own Health

Pet Food From Raw Meat May Not Be Good For Your Dog Or Your Own Health

Great for the dog, but a new study, published today in vet record, has found it can have high levels of bacteria that may pose health risks for your pet.

The researchers also warn that these food may pose a health hazard to you, or somebody else on your home if their immune system is compromised. Including children, the elderly or anyone carrying any immune system suppressant medicine for a health state. Meat was proven to be infected with bacterial pathogens.

All 60 samples have been found to be infected with Enterobacteriaceae germs (the household to that E. coli belongs).

The pollution levels were found to vary among producers but over half of the samples 31 (52 percent) surpassed the highest threshold set by European Union regulations.

What’s Pet Meat?

Defined as “meat at a raw country that’s intended as food for pets”. Human grade meat is closely controlled. For instance, It’s frequently basically, human grade these swabs suggest the cleanliness of their meat processing and when there’s been some faecal contamination.

Pet meat is not legally required to experience bacterial testing in Australia, therefore it’s unknown if pet meat is polluted like the samples within this study.

There are regulations on the way pet meat is fabricated and managed. However, These laws are primarily concerned about protecting human security from pollution and vulnerability into the furry meat, instead of ensuring it is safe and healthy for pets. Legislation for pet meat in Australia vary between nations, which has Been recognized as a problem.

The Threat To Individuals

The threat of raw furry meat contaminated with possibly pathogenic germs is not limited to dogs ingesting the meals as part of the diet.

Managing raw pet meat on your kitchen may also present an extremely real threat. The fluids from the meat could quickly contaminate kitchen surfaces. Your pet’s mouth may also harbour these germs and disperse them via licks and kisses.

That is why anybody whose immune system could be jeopardized should It is also because of this, in addition to the dangers to the dogs

Dogs Can Consume Raw Meat

We are aware that dogs have evolved to have the ability to consume raw meat. Dogs have stomachs and intestinal tracts which are marginally different from ours, which lets them consume food that people can not eat.

But dogs may still become sick from germs in their meals. We also understand that puppies with gastrointestinal illness drop bacteria species, such as those mentioned in the research, within their faeces into some considerably greater range than healthy dogs.

Dogs may also get gastro out of pathogenic bacteria like salmonella like us. Stressful environments like kennels and veterinary colleges Dogs on drugs like chemotherapy or steroids may have decreased immunity to germs, including those within their diet.

The authors of the new study provide some fantastic practical tips on how to keep yourself safe when handling raw pet meat.

  • keep raw pet meat frozen until use.
  • handle raw pet meat separately from all other human food, and either use dedicated pet meat utensils or wash equipment thoroughly after use.
  • avoid kisses and licks from dogs that have just eaten raw pet meat.
  • do not feed raw pet meat in households with immunocompromised people.

You can further decrease the risk by feeding human grade meat to your puppy, instead of pet meat, as the bacterial load and existence of additional contaminants ought to be minimal. Dogs need balanced diets with minerals and vitamins in certain ratios to prevent illness, so all homemade diets must just be fed under the advice of a veterinarian.

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